Morro Bay

I brought out the 70-200 for a little bit of bird action on 10.6.08. For the most part, the 16-35mm hasn’t come off my camera since I bought it, so it was like revisiting an old friend. All about having the right lens for the job!

I’ve been trying to do at least one serious shoot per week, or more when I can fit it in, and I think it’s making a real difference in the quality of my shots. The best way to get better is to take many, many photos – practice makes perfect and all that. It also helps to go shooting with others who are willing to slow down and wait for the right time and right light, and certainly more prudent and safe to do so. I actually forwent the tripod for the most part – the bird shots are all handheld. With good technique, it’s possible to get pretty slow shutter speeds while handheld, but by the end of the excursion I was definitely ready to use the tripod again. It always helps when the wildlife is cooperative which they definitely were. 😛 I’ve been a real fan of the landscaping lately but things just came together for perfect wildlife shooting instead. None of the landscapes I shot really are up to my usual standard but it was more than made up for by the pelicans, egrets, and herons. If I get one great shot, regardless of subject, in a shoot, then I’m quite satisfied.

I’m also trying to get better at species identification. Here’s a few shots from the day.





And some non birding shots.


This is from a replica of Christopher Columbus’ ship, the Nina (of Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria fame).
There are several black & whites along that same theme that I’m considering having matted together. I think they’re best viewed as a series for context…see the next few:
morrobay25edit morrobay23edit

morrobay21edit morrobay20edit



You can see the full set on my Flickr here.


3 Responses to “Morro Bay”

  1. Beautiful photos, and I’m delighted to see you are a birder (and just a few hours down the coast!) – I don’t know how much I’ve spoken about it on HMDWL but I’m a birder as well. 😀

  2. hotelyankeefoxtrot Says:

    Hey thanks Sara. I’m strictly an amateur birder – my IDs tend to occur once I’m home and I can consult the handy dandy Wikipedia or a Flickr group. But I’m getting better at ID’ing them in the field. You should definitely talk about it on HMDWL 😀 I don’t think you have before!

  3. Hey, Alex. I see you’re still finding the great shots. I came back to find more inspiration for paintings, and once again you have blown me away. When are you going to go pro, girl?
    debbi (your mom’s friend)

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