Making the most of a day

Winter sucks for photography. Not enough light in the hours I’ve got, so stuffing my sundays full of photo excursions is the order of the day.

I love the taste of Red Bull in the morning! Five hours and a can of red bull later…voila:





Butterflies everywhere! Very nice guy let me yoink his IS version of my lens + a 1.4TC which helped me get uber close. The place was literally crawling with other photogs.

Shot some surfers at the pier and got some excellent shots which I haven’t done any work on yet. Then headed to AG for more nature in the evening, which I also have not worked on yet… 😛 Housework calls…teaser here from KBP

Got my hands on the new Canon 50D on 11/14 too. Really wanted to see the 5D Mark II but the rep didn’t bring it after all. On the upside, they are going to do another workshop exclusively on the 5dmk2 as well as one on printing, calibration, and color management which would be an excellent opportunity – also asked about the 400 f5.6 vs 300 f4IS + TC options and it sounds like the 300 might be the one to get. The IS puts it over the “deciding threshold” for me 😉


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