I’m 22 and am an Arizona transplant to the central coast of California, and on a mission to capture life on film – or sensor, as the case may be, when not enjoying my day job.

I’m a shameless whore for all things Apple. My Macbook’s name is Pearl. Yes, she has a name.
I shoot Canon.
Aquarius. And all the things that come with that…
I still like film…Ilford Delta is my favorite.
I like otters. A lot. I would otternap one if I could.
I can’t live without podcasts, Netflix, Audible.com and Trader Joe’s. It would only be a slight exaggeration to say that I think I would fall over dead without them.
I’m mostly found doing nature and landscape photography…knees covered in mud, stalking wildlife or that perfect light. I also enjoy fashion and street photography.
This was my first published image – a full page ad that appeared in three trade mags:



You can follow me on the Twitter @yankeefoxtrot, or friend me on Facebook.

Thanks for reading, and your comments are always welcome!


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