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Staying Committed. Are you?

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , on January 4, 2009 by hotelyankeefoxtrot

I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions because – let’s face it, how many people actually follow through? I’m not sure I’ve ever known a single person who’s kept a NYR. As a serious amateur photographer, however, I think it’s time to make a commitment or two so that I can improve my photos this year. I’m not setting them too high, because a NYR that’s too lofty is a great way to ensure that I won’t follow through. I have four.

1. Make time for one photo outing per week. I’ve actually already started this already retroactively. KBP has consistently kept me motivated in the last few months to go out and make images happen (props to her! goodness knows it’s hard to do!), and I need to keep up on that. I want to be happy with at least one photo per week, but even if I’m not happy with the image, at least I got out and did it. Photography is like anything else in life – if you want to get better at it, you have to do it and do it often. Nobody ever got better at golfing or painting or knitting by sitting at home thinking about it. If you can just get out and do it, you will progress, even if you don’t want to. This podcast episode got the wheels turning, even if I didn’t know it at the time.

Friend and Twitter follower Mike has committed to a 365 project. Now, I can’t say that I’m quite that motivated (I admire anyone who is). But I can surely get 52 photos a year. And I can always make time for at least one a week, if not more.

2. Make a photography bucket list. The list of places to photograph before you ‘kick the bucket’. You’ll have to check back when I actually make the list…

3. Print more photos! I finally printed a few images this past December. That’s the first time I’ve printed photos for myself since I bought my camera in 2006. I’ve had some printed for people who bought them but never any for myself. Which is quite frankly absurd!

“Film is the score and the print is the performance.” – Ansel Adams

(not that I’m Ansel by any stretch of the imagination!)

I have a scrapbook sitting on my desk right now, so now I have no excuses. Digital is not a license to leave images sitting on a harddrive!

4. Finally, get this very site updated frequently and helpfully. My audience is tiny at this point, but I’d like to have a place that is helpful to other photographers who are making their journey into the hobby and/or profession. I’m not qualified to share very many techniques – but the more non-technique related posts, topical news of the day, and keeping my readers motivated, that I can do.

What are your photography resolutions for the year?